Greek – Chinese Symposium: Science in the time of COVID-19

Natural disasters and diseases have always been an integral part of human history. The instinct for survival was the ever-present trigger for researches and discoveries, as humans were forced to deal with Nature’s phenomena.

The proportional relationship between human comprehension and natural phenomena, led to the development and advancement of Science and Technology. As Science comprises the observation, study and research of Nature, Technology comprises the support, application and implementation of scientific discoveries and conclusions. They are interrelated and indispensable to humanity’s existence.

The COVID-19 pandemic led to an overload of scientific researches, studies and publications, to such extent that the data flow and information are overwhelming for the human mind. Scientists around the world search for solutions and ways to deal with this new threat to humankind.

We organized the online Symposium “Science in the Time of COVID-19”, on the 27th of June, at 15:30, inviting Chinese and Greek scientists to share experiences, observations, acquired knowledge, studies and researches, regarding the pandemic COVID-19 recent developments.

Additionally, the symposium will cover prospects for breakthroughs and pathways, through which artificial intelligence, genetics and clinical research will surpass potential limitations of approaches and methods employed by states, when dealing with such threats to humankind.

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